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Everything is becoming faster, trends are rapidly disappearing as fast as they appeared and the flow of information and pictures increases more and more. Therefore to see the time as something more relative, perhaps even discovering the beauty of slowness exerts a great fascination. Rodrigo Vila has implemented a photo-series whose idea it was not only to capture a fraction of a moment or a scene. Instead he has worked with a pinhole camera and a succession of many pictures during a tour of Lisbon to represent a different time period. We asked Rodrigo a few questions about his work.

Wir leben in einer Zeit wo alles immer schnelllebiger wird, Trends rasant kommen und genauso flott wieder verschwinden und die Flut an Informationen und Bildern immer mehr zunimmt. Die Zeit als etwas Relatives zu sehen, vielleicht sogar auch die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit übt  daher eine grosse Faszination aus. Rodrigo Vila hat eine Photo-Serie umgesetzt deren Idee es war nicht nur einen Bruchteil eines Momentes oder einer Szene darzustellen. Vielmehr hat er versucht mit einer pinhole Kamera und einer Aneinanderreihung von vielen Bildern während einer Tour durch Lissabon eine andere Zeitspanne darzustellen. Wir haben Rodrigo zum “6 questions” Interview gebeten.

What’s the most fascinating thing about photography for you?
The ability to capture a very personal way to see the world.

Who or what inspires you?
The city with all the people, history and fragmented pieces of different times that in the end became the city itself.

Tell us the story behind the “Invented Lisbon” serie:
The fragmented images speak of the impossibility to apprehend the city in its totality and with an only center.
The city became different cities where we can find our very own city.
All the images portray not a stopped moment in time but a small trace of my own city inside Lisbon and also portray the absent expressions of the habitants of a after-modern city.

Which camera do you use?
In this case I used a pinhole camera.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself with my bag fulfilled with even more images and feelings that make my world even bigger.

The most important thing in life?
Living it.


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