Aleksandra Wydrych

The Polish beauty Aleksandra will enchant your eyes – and not only because of her  cool noticeable hair-colour. “Some people have this magic “thing”, which causes that others want to look at them, they are intersted in them, this is something you see in one’s eyes.” Oh yes! Wee definitely see the glint in her eyes. ♥

You say of yourself you are a “Little of a model, more like photographer” So you prefer being behind the camera? Why?

90% of my photos are self-portraits. I really can’t answer your question without answering first why is that – now, I am a perfectionist and I can’t trust other people I guess, insomuch as pose for myself. I know what I want to achieve and how to do this, ( it’s likely that it is because of my vanity ) however for all the time in my opinion I’m still much more a photographer than a model for the simple reason – it seems that I know more about that and when I pose for others I’m much less confident than when I take shots of other people.

When is a woman beautiful in your eyes?

To answer your question I’ll bring my friend as an example, she is extremely self-confident and charismatic person which is why she is one of the most attractive and interesting woman I know. There are tons of beautiful women around the world. Beauty is a legacy of our parents – it’s not our merit. Character is something we work on alone and this is where the fun begins. Some people have this magic “thing”, which causes that others want to look at them, they are intersted in them, this is something you see in one’s eyes. If physicality is concerned , I love eyes , Tatjana Patitz is my “not perfect ideal” and I think that she has the most lovely eyes in the world.

I absolutely love your hair-colour. What do you love most about yourself?

Well thank you ! What I love the most in me is that besides my really nasty character, inside I’m really good and sensitive. I look for answers for questions that bother me because I’m never satisfied in answers that come on a silver plate. Besides that, I share the long-term love with my nose I love it .

What makes you happy and what makes you sad?

Oh… you ask these most cookie cutter and hard questions. What makes me happy : creation and my friends. Thing that make me sad: dumb people – thousands of years on a top of piramid – act like you fuckin’ deserve it, ignorance, conformity, violence against animals, routine.

A random fact about yourself?

In my previous life I was a fox.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

On mars – I’m discovering mass relays ( high five for Mass Effect fans) and I lead humanity to the stars.

The most important thing in life is?

Love… and progess.





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