The REAL Gangnam Style by OPNP (48)

The REAL Gangnam Style #1


If you are still also dreaming about another vacation to eslewhere for doing some really cool parties then we finally have some new club-images from Seoul, Korea for you. The REAL Gangnam Style are fresh motto – partys with all ingredients you need to have a great time. Best DJ´s, fresh locations and damn hot girls and boys – all spotted by the great OPNP.


The Article Coordinated by Sohyung Kim @Artchive Studio, Korea.
all images © OPNP

All pictures were taken from clubs around Gangnam area, Seoul, Korea.
Locations : Club Answer, Club Ellui, Club Octagon, Club 88(Double Eight), Club Holic
Featuring Artists: DJ GON, DJ DGURU, DJ LIMZI, DJ ROEM, DJ RUPPY, DJ SHANELL, INSIDE CORE, J-12, HOUSE RULEZ, DJ SORO & the parties Hosted by Hunters Party, GOA Party, Krome Party, Escape Korea Party, Aftermoon Party, Artwork Party


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