Come hear the music play: Her Majesty Aérea Negrot!

Sometimes in the sky there are stars shining brighter than others. Mix together some exocitism, sensuality and an explosive voice and here you have Aérea Negrot. From La Guaira to Porto, London, Amsterdam and Berlin, Miss Aérea won the scene with her very dramatic and theatrical appeal. After being discovered by the band “Hercules And Love Affair”, in 2010 she released her first EP on the Berlin-based label Bpitch Control. Nobody stands up to her, and you?


Hello Aérea, welcome on C-Heads!

Hello everyoneeeee!!!

You were born in Venezuela, a colored land with a beautiful nature, and your parents were dancers, so I think that you grew up in a cheerful atmosphere. What about your childhood? Can you tell us some funny memories that have stayed in your mind, or something you would like to share with us?

I spent most of my childhood in La Guaira, the city were I was born. Perfect weather, sunny every single day, a few meters away from the beach. I didn’t realize in those days that one day I would miss my city so much… Grabbing the mangoes from the backyard and selling lemonade to random people coming in front of the house was a way to spend a childhood, with my little sister.
Both of my parents were dancers, also my grandmother .My grandfather was a music lover and a collector, so there was music playing all the time back in those days. It was somehow our way to comunicate. I guess the memory that got stuck in my head was, that I thought I was from another country, even though I had never been anywhere else in the world. I loved airports, seeing how happy people would get when a friend or relative arrived.

What was your dream when you were a child?

The flying!!!! The rest of the world made me very curious. I dreamed of being a stewardess, paralell to my dancing. I thought that would be the way I would spend the rest of my life: travelling and dancing.

You are a “colourful” person, but what is your vision of life and of reality?

Life is perfect timing. Up and down. Reality is just bills.

The cover of your latest album “Arabxilla” is marvelous, what does it represent? Where did the inspiration come from?

“Arabxilla” is an album that took eight years to come to light. I recorded the songs and performed them in clubs, before even realising they would be published one day. Jose Luna, Rafael Scovino and Irene Aparici, who were working on the whole concept behind the cover, just collected all the jewelry I had in a drawer since I arrived to Berlin. They said nothing more. To my surprise, all of that turned into a crown. The closer you look in the picture, the more plastic and cables you can see… it is the illusion of “tradition”.

I very much like the lyric of the song “Hair”, it makes me laugh, it reminds me of myself. Can you tell us something about it? What is the song about, any personal experience?

Every change in my life required a haircut. I recorded the vocals at home while I was going through a “hair” period. I had back then literally no hair on both sides of my head. I relate a lot to that saying “a haircut changes your life”. Imagine if you can make such a decision, would you make it shorter? Would you make it red?

If you have to compare your music to a famous artwork, what would it be?

I think “Garden of earthly delights” by Hieronymus Bosch.

You always wear very coloured, flashy and showy dresses. What does “fashion” mean to you? What stylists do you like the most?

I invest a lot of time digging around in shops, for clothes and pieces that I like. Sometimes I am really lucky and find vintage gems with the “Berlin” price, but also find great outfits with no labels or some kind of “Banana club” label name and I go for it. I like balancing beautiful and off-beat altogether, from YSL to C&A, there must be magic to combine things, specially if you can afford it! I have a few friends that are also designing, whom I can consider my stylists and make amazing pieces, like Jimmy Gustafson and Marcell von Berlin, Nova Dando and Alberto Sinpatron in Bilbao.

What do you want to communicate with your music and your art?

My music is my passion and I try to use it as a form of storytelling. There are several stories I have gathered along in life, not just of happiness, love and loss, but also frustration by bureaucracy, my experiences in other cities, with other people… I often find myself writing about things that I don’t find fair, challenging the definition of “normal” A lot of people relate to them, thats comforting to know.

Who are the artists and the personalities of the past and present you admire the most? What are your everyday´s life inspirations?

Michael Jackson is still my biggest childhood hero. He was fierce, still very sensitive! But I also admire Laurie Anderson very much, Yma Sumac and Sajncho Namčylak. Recently I listened to “Grimes” at a friend´s party, it is really inspiring to see that such talented new artist are there to be seen.

Things you can’t live without 
Music, carrot juice and my phone… otherwise I am pretty flexible

If you had a choice to do a travel with a time machine, where would you like to go?
Ancient Egypt!

If you reincarnate in something, what will it be?
A photo album.

Interview by Chiara Sestini
Image by Katja Sonnwend 


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