C-Heads presents “Pandora’s Child” by Mathilde Brunel

A girl is running after something.
And she remembers the times she had together with her sister – the good moments.
They breathed, they laughed, they were simply free and this freedom created their beauty. But beauty can be a sin for a girl and it is even more when you play with this power. That was the case of the Pandora’s child.



Director  Mathilde Brunel
Assistant  Nassib Mansouri
Steadycam Operator Grégory Dupé
Stylist  Diane Drubay
Make Up  Stéphanie Jacquet
Hair Stylist  Yumiko Hikage


“Teardrop” – Massive Attack

Alessia is wearing – Dress : Corrado de Biase Boots : Alain Quilici Necklace : Bernard Delettrez Necklace large : vintage Ring : Bernard Delettrez (left hand) Earrings: Bernard Delettrez Ring : Bernard Delettrez
Alessia is wearing – Coat : Mademoiselle Sarong Shirt : Isabel Benenato Skirt : Asos Shoes : Corrado de Biase Earrings : Pagan Poetry Ring : Bernard Delettrez RIGHT Martine is wearing – Jacket : vintage Shirt : Forever 21 Pants : Corrado de Biase Socks : Asos Shoes : Corrado de Biase Earrings : Bernard Delettrez
Martine is wearing – Coat : Alibellus+Dress : Alibellus+ Socks : Asos Shoes : H&M Hat : H&M Necklace : Pagan Poetry

LEFT Martine is wearing – Coat : Pellessimo Top : Zara Skirt : Asos Shoes : Corrado de Biase Necklace : Pagan Poetry RIGHT Alessia is wearing – Top : Alibellus+Skirt : Asos Shoes : Corrado de Biase Necklace : Pagan Poetry


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