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Our lovely Korean partner Artchive Studio is celebrating their one-year-anniversary with their brand ‘mahsoyoung’, with an exhibition taking place on Friday, 9.11.2012 – Sunday, 11.11.2012. Well, a happy, happy birthday from the whole C-Heads team! Unfortunately we cannot be there, but luckily there will be a live-stream throughout the event where we will follow you guys closely – and everyone else should do too! So speaking in Uk time you can tune in on the days of the exhibtion from 4am – 2pm. Enjoy!

And here is some more info for you about the whole brand and further exhitbion details:



Artchive Studio was founded in 2011 by Sohyung Kim & Soyoung Ma. The meaning of ‘Artchive’ is a mixed of ‘Art’ and ‘Archive’. The purpose of Artchive Studio’s products is to be useful and wearable not just for a season but for the foreseeable future. This is at the heart of all the products we produce.

Artchive Studio’s Brand, mahsoyoung

Artchive Studio’s designer Soyoung Ma launched her brand ‘MAHSO’ in London. But when she came back to Korea, she changed the brand name to ‘mahsoyoung’. Brand ‘mahsoyoung’ wants to produce healthy designs resulting in well-made products, good quality products that are honestly hand-made and can be forever collectable. Brand ‘mahsoyoung’ wants to give happiness to their customers through the products and wishes that these products stay with the customers forever and last the same amount of time.

Exhibition Information

Artchive Studio celebrates their 1st year anniversary with their brand, ‘mahsoyoung’.
The brand has been active for only a year in Korea. However, the designer, Soyoung Ma had launched her own brand in London three years ago, named with ‘MAHSO’. The exhibition will show her entire collection from London to Seoul and from MAHSO to mahsoyoung. The exhibition contains her thoughts and feeling of her designs with the use of drawings and writings. It also contains information on how the designs have developed in the products ‘mahsoyoung’ offers today.

The exhibition will be divided into three categories:-
1. London & before Artchive Studio
2. Back to Seoul & Artchive Studio
3. Retail Experience Area.

This exhibition can be viewed “Live” throughout the exhibition period via: www.ustream.tv/channel/re1984
Contact: Sohyung Kim / kim@artchivestudio.com / +82 (0)10-4052-9922

Exhibition Venue: 1984, Seoul Korea
Contact: SJ Yeom

Copyright 2012 Artchive Studio. All Rights Reserved


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