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Overthinking your dreams

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Most of my exciting experiences in life happened thanks to my intution, followed by coincidence. If you follow your instinct and trust in what your feeling tells you to do, and just go for it, many things just fall into place. I think that many people overthink and over-analyze things and life – and that sometimes causes a lot more doubts and makes you lose your courage to even try. Besides that – if one option or dream doesn´t work out, there is still plenty of magic and exciting things out there, just waiting for you!

Thoughts by Sigrun Guggenberger


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About Sigrun

Hello from Berlin, Germany. I love freedom, travelling, long train rides, Stefan Zweig books, cats, colours, writing postcards, Woody Allen movies. I listen to: if I like a song, it can be from anyone really…but I really like British artists such as Peter Doherty, The Kooks, Lilly Allen, Coldplay, etc.. makes me happy: having lots of time!