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“Stuck in Youth” – A talk with Yougo Jeberg

Yougo Jeberg is probably the most reblogged photographer these days and kind of an internet sensation. Not surprising since the now LA-based Frenchman’s got the talent to capture moments of unbearable beauty. When everything seems possible. „We are the reckless, we are the wild youth, chasing visions of our futures“.  It’s all about the loving and the hurting, the nights and the hangovers, the lovers and friends. It’s all about the tragedy of youth.


For those of us who are new to your work, can you give us a little bit of background about yourself?
I graduated from graphic design school one year ago. I then started photography as a full time job. I work between Paris and New York, and I am going to live in Los Angeles from August onwards.

How did you get into photography? Have you always wanted to do something creative as a career?
I started out taking pictures of my friends and posting them on the internet like everyone does. I quickly found that people were sending me cool messages about my photos so I decided to work as a photographer for fashion and brands.

How would you describe your pictures in three words, and do you have a favorite one?
I don‘t like to judge my own work. I let people judge it. I don‘t have one favorite photo, I think I just like the picture in the instant that I take the shot.


The people in your photos, are they all friends of yours?
Mostly friends of mine, or people I met while traveling.

And what‘s the story behind the photos? Do you always carry a camera with you and is it all about capturing the moment? Or do you create moments, moods, and situations for your photos?
I always have at least one camera on me, I have fun with my friends and take lots of photos. However when I work as a fashion photographer, I always plan the place, decide if I want sunshine or dull and overcast, it‘s certainly more organized!

You were born in Paris and are now living in NY. What are your favorite aspects of the two cities?
I like Paris for the nostalgia and I‘ve met a lot of cool people there, but I really like NYC because it‘s a huge city and there is always something cool to do. But even NYC can be boring sometimes so I do like to travel and try new cities. I really like Los Angeles for the sun and I have great friends there.


Are there certain photographers you admire and appreciate?
Garry Winograng, Jim Nachtwey and Richard Avedon

What, besides photography, draws your interest?
Videography, traveling, skateboarding, surfing and playing music with my friends

Does music influence your work and if so, what sort of music?
Yes sure, music influences everyone. I like psychedelic rock, folk music and rap with deep lyrics.

What music did you grow up with?
French rap, I spent my youth doing graffiti.

What camera do you use? Do you use multiple cameras to capture different effects?
I mainly use 4 cameras. I like experimenting, I‘m always trying to add cool effects to my photos, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!!

What would be a typical day in NYC for you?
I wake up, take a shower, buy lunch at the grocery store, take the subway, then I work assisting photographers and I get to shoot lots of stylish people. When I‘m not working I like to go somewhere in NYC where I‘ve never been before.

What is the best piece of advice anyone‘s ever given to you? 
Never give up.

Name 5 things you cannot live without.
My guitar, my cameras, my heart – that‘s it

Interview by  Katja Schifferegger for “My Heart Sings Wild Issue #29”



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