Spada – Claire

Spada (aka Lovjet) is going to release at the end of December 2012 his first album “Renaissance” on the Canadian music label Monique Musique (the label features also very big names of the electronic music scene, like Petar Dundov, Emmanuel, Guti, Gabriel Ananda, Rainer Weichhold). A couple of weeks ago the single extract “Claire” was released on the label, with a beautiful and romantic video. Video directed & edited by Alban Guerry-Suire – Model Manon Rouzier



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About Chiara

I love: glitters, the moon, masquerades, the light, the dark, colors of the sunset. I listen to: everything that is gloomy, hypnotic and sensual, techno + opera, whispers of the Universe talking to us every day. Makes me happy: fantasy, serendipity, beauty, warm tea, sparks of darkness, our weird Universe. Makes me sad: ignorance and greediness, melting snow, eating meat. I spent most of my free time: daydreaming, clubbing, designing fancy dresses, playing the piano, making fragrances, drawing, cooking alchemies. 5 things I can´t live without: love, dreams, enchanted cities, my cat, teapots