Die Eternias: Sould Out


Well, there are fewer better sounds than organized chaos. Vienna-based quartet Die Eternias lets all their influences and preferences collide creating a vivid mixture of postpunk, reggae, swing, garage rock and some 60’s Rock’n’Roll. Formed in 2004 and named after the home planet of superhero He-Man, the band is just about to release their second album „Sould out“ – a collection of 12 tragicomical short stories about misfits, outlaws, murderers and the beauty of depravity. It’s a sparkling cloudland populated by all sorts of tragic broken figures, Die Eternias are living in. With great aliases such as „LaUra LaPidar“ (vocals, guitar), „Ludiwig Van Swingeren“ (drums), „Rocko Basserati“ (bass), „Voodoo Jürgens“ (vocals, guitar) and their penchant for extravagant stage outfits, this band captures everyone.  See for yourself! November 30th at Vienna’s Flex! Let the show begin!



The album “Sould Out” will be released on November 23th via Seayou Records.


Album Release Show on November 30th at Vienna’s Flex.
Berlin Show with Japanther on November 13th at Marie-Antoinette.



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