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“Music from Austria is definitely too unheard/unappreciated by other countries although there are so many qualified bands and it’s sad that most people especially from Germany just know Amadeus, Christina Stürmer and Falco” notices Giantree, and we can only agree to that.

Giantree is definitely on of those bands that deserve international recognition because their sound will carry you along and their debut album “We All Yell” is balm for the musical soul. The very first time I heard one of their songs, I was intrigued by the profound melodies and deep lyrics and they are without a doubt, one of the top acts on my lists for concerts to be seen. “Shining bright in coloured rays’” as they say in their song Communicate – we´d say that also Giantree´s music shines bright in all range of colours.


Hey guys, thanks for your time! Just listening to your album while trying to find out a little bit more about the artists behind this awesome music. I really love the lyrics to your song Nord Rhodes where you talk about questions about the future and future aspects of life.” I´ve just been thinking, we live an average life, get an average job, we get married have kids and continue in the same cycle, every day for years and years”. How and where do you see yourself in the future? Are you scared to take the road of an average life?

HELE: Well, the future will be the same than today´s present. I hope there will be equal chances and equal conditions in everybody´s life, so I think I am an artist by now and still making music as well in 30 years. Taking the road of an average life – it sounds quite scary if u think of the word average, by any means sometimes I´d prefer a slower life, thinking of having a family and such things, at the same time I´m happy to go on tour and live a spontaneous life! When the time is ripe, then you always can make a restart!

Melancholically written lyrics seem to be a big part of your debut album “We All Yell”. Is melancholy also a big part of your lives and personalities?

ADA: I guess it is part of my personality to pore over things rather than naively only see the good in everything. But I guess I can speak for all of us when I say we consider ourselves very lucky, especially with this band and the way things turned out for us this year. It is simply a great possibility to express myself by means of music and lyrics, where I can pour my heart out and where I can make words and sounds an outlet for emotions, but what I like most about the melancholy in our songs is that there is mostly a flicker of hope in the end.

Roland, in an interview when speaking about the finished songs of the album, you said that one is never completely satisfied anyway with the result. So how do you all anyway know when a song is finished and done?

ROL: hmm, it depends. Sometimes you need lots of patience to get to the point and to the result you imagined the song could be in the end. You’re trying and trying, and weeks later ;) you come to an agreement. But then, the good thing when producing We All Yell was, that all my doubts disappeared and most of the tracks were simply played in with the 1st or 2nd take. Maybe we did this to avoid such long discussions or to hesitate with decisions. In the end of producing a song (there is a big difference in writing or producing a song! ;)) we hopefully came up with a track that is either ass-kicking or heart pumping. That’s the most important rule! ;)

This year has been full of touring for you guys- what is your résumé about that time? Best moments, most difficult situations and what have you gained from all of it?

ALL: At the Acoustic Lakeside festival, we got heavy rainstorm till our set was on. As soon as we entered the stage, suddenly there was sunshine. People got out of their tents, in their best mood – that was a beautiful moment.

Accidents – Ada fell down the stage just before the concert at the tour start. Roli hurt his leg by playing wet indoor soccer cup at the Ac.Lakeside Festival. Bands versus festivalcrowd, that was heavy!

Frequency Festival – Franzi met Beatsteaks guitarplayer, she likes him very much ;)

Riding the “Sommerrodelbahn” at the Sunday Session Festival

And what´s coming now for you guys? Already working on a new album?

Would be cool – but first of all Roli has to finish his diploma! We still got the focus on WE ALL YELL, still trying to promote the songs worldwide. And there´s a new video out, Cascade. We also work on first ideas and  in 2013 there will be definitely new Giantree songs :) In January, February & March we are gonna play shows in Germany, Czech republic, Switzerland and of course in Austria! We are very excited :)

Since the very beginning ( with partly different members) Giantree has undergone lots of change and reinvention. Have you “arrived” at where you want to be as a band now?

ALL: Yes of course, we have arrived! We are so proud of what we did, of our debutalbum. The last tour felt great, it was fun, we make our way, we´re like a little happy family

A short brainstorming, what comes into your mind when hearing the following terms:

the most healthy drug in life

Music from Austria is definitely too unheard/unappreciated by other countries although there are so many qualified bands and it’s sad that most people especially from Germany just know Amadeus, Christina Stürmer and Falco

FRANZI: I’m glad to play in my hometown next year! Not to forget our songs are played at Radio 1!

…unfortunately not self-evident in too many places in the world till today

FRANZI: Fears are like little bacteria, there is a lot of them, it is a natural thing and around quite everywhere, but fortunately you can not recognize them everytime. And of course they can have both positive and negative functions.

is tricky

The best life lesson so far?

FRANZI: If we’re talking of one lesson I would say it’s the passed driving test ;)
ADA: The best things come up spontaneously

What´s the most important thing for you in life?

HELE: love, music, freedom
FRANZI: my dachshunds, band, friends, family, trying to fulfill my dreams in life, that sounds sooo cheesy but it’s just true :)


Directed, Edited & Camera by: Jan Frankl – Assisted by: Christoff Tscharyiski




Directed, Edited & Camera by: Jan Frankl –, Assistant Camera: Christoff Tscharyiski, SchlachtHof Lights: Jan Sagbauer, SchlachtHof Technician: Nickl Gruber, with Lene Claudi, Emil Bader, Olivia Kern, Lea Machacek, Annika Machacek, Maximilian Kaim, Bernhard Kaim & Giantree


Directed by: Manuel Johns, Director of Photography: Edwin Krieg, First Assistant Camera: Peter Pulker, Edit: Manuel Johns, Bela Baptiste, Post Production: Thomas Rath, VFX: Emre Duran, with Harry Lampl, Susa Hohlrieder, David Goebel, Lukas Rose und Bertrand de Fay, many thanks to: Robert Oberrainer, media productions, Peter Jaitz, Andreas Winter, Stephan Ludescher, Sandra Bachinger, Lena and Giantree


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