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A talk with Alena Chendler

A good image is “Spontaneity, accident, an image that never goes out of our memory” according to  Alena Chendler, a truly talented Russian photographer, whose favourite place in Moscow is Sheremetyevo airport, as it carries change and who also tells us that the most important thing for her in life is not to oversleep reality…


Hello Alena, many thanks for your time! How would you describe your own work?

I shoot what comes into my mind

Do you still remember the very first pictures you took in your life?

Just one day I began to take images of my friends and everyone around liked it.

A good image is?

Spontaneity, accident, an image that never goes out of our memory

What camera do you use? Do you use multiple cameras to capture different effects?

I have several cameras, mostly old and with Polaroid film. I don´t like digital very much as I feel that to them it is impossible to think

What inspires your work?

Сharacters and behaviour of people

Your favourite place in Moscow?

Sheremetyevo airport as it carries change

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Anywhere, I do not stop and I don´t not get used to the places. Now I like the energy of New York

The most important thing in life is?

Not to oversleep reality and be kind




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