Ailera Stone for C-Heads (9)

Ailera Stone for C-Heads

“Reckless Serenade” is a sweet and youthful series shot by the young and talented London based Ailera Stone. Bringing back an ache for some simple fun, going back to the childhood, into the lazy summer afternoons when you could just hang around on the playgrounds, explore strangers backyards, do nothing and still be happy. Neda And Migle (Ruta Models) wearing eye-catching t-shirts by Urte Vosyliute and other clothes all from Girls Got Caught.


Photography by AileraStone
Models: Neda and Migle @ Ruta models
T-shirts by Urte Vosyliute
Other clothes: Girls Got Caught


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About Christine

Hello from Vienna, Austria! I love: nature, freedom, dancing, music, my family, reading, chilling, cats, sea and lots more. I listen to: oh too many different artists/bands. makes me happy: see i love. I spent most of my free time: with C-Heads and eating. 5 things I can´t live without: family, nature, music and healthy food.