Hee Young – Buy Myself A Goodbye

Yesterday a friend of mine wrote to me that he can feel his energy for this year is gone. I guess many people might feel this way and what better medicine can I recommend to you than listening to some beautiful, relaxing music. ‘Buy Myself A Goodbye’ by Hee Young, and produced by Saul Simon MacWilliams, is one of those songs that wrap you up well inside beautiful melodies and catchy tunes. And make you feel good. Hee Young is a singer from Seoul, South Korea, who at the age of 16 left home to go after the Amercian dream. A dream that is far from being over.


Video Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Eren Gulfidan www.mumfus.com
Second Camera: Beyza Boyacioglu
Special Thanks: Lillian Rodriguez, Alexey Levhcenko, Film Annex

Download the song and the album ‘4 Luv’ here


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