Lemontrip – Exclusive Mix for C-Heads Magazine

Here is a perfectly beautiful and relaxing exclusive mix for C-Heads by the Dutch musician Lemontrip for you guys. The 26 year young  is inspired by haunting tunes, mystical vibes and progressive song structures.

Pepijn Gaalman alias Lemontrip started composing music around 6 years ago, first mostly techno, but then he got bored. Since two years he creates a sound which can be described as a melancholic blend of dreamy pads, obscure beats and crispy melodic leads. All released on his cool electronic music label, Fog Mountain. Music to die for.

“Lemontrip” – Exclusive Mix for C-Heads Magazine by C-Heads Magazine on Mixcloud

01. Wake – Lemontrip – Fog Mountain Records
02. In Difference – Holy Other – Tri Angle Records
03. To You – Young Wonder (Keep Shelly in Athens remix)
04. Everything We Touch Turns into Gold – Eyedress
05. Forests – Torus – Sonic Router
06. Close Proximity – Sedproject
07. Wander – Lemontrip – Fog Mountain Records
08. Abyss – Amelie&Mangu
09. Nowhere – Lemontrip – Fog Mountain Records
10. War Games – Fatima Al Qadiri – Fade To Mind
11. Static Centre – Zes – Fog Mountain Records
12. Kombucha – Innobushu – FreeForm Records
13. Zes – Coming Home
14. Breath – Lemontrip – Fog Mountain Records



Image by Benjamin van Witsen


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