advertising and mass consumption

Mass consumption and advertising have always been things that I am pretty suspicious of and to me the secret of most things  lies within having a balance. Artists like to work with those topics, even if they sometimes don´t take up position with their art, they make us think and open up discussions.

Scream are proud to present Thailand born, but England based artist Pakpoom Silaphanʼs third solo exhibition at the gallery, Empire State. Silaphanʼs practice examines notions of globalisation, mass consumerism and the universal reach of cultural icons across the world. Primarily using found-objects such as old metal advertising signs collected during his years living in Thailand, and showing a new body of sculptures made with vintage wooden Pepsi and Coca-Cola crates, reminiscent of Warholʼs Brillo Box installations; Silaphan re-works these objects to create a fresh interpretation of Pop Art and opens a discourse on the effects of advertising and mass consumption.

The infiltration of western imagery and ideology had a profound influence on Silaphanʼs understanding of the West and on his artistic practice. Using his favoured artistic icons, such as Warhol, Picasso and Frida Khalo, he collages and paints over these branded advertising signs and crates, implying the artistsʼ identity as a recognised global brand itself. Silaphan creates an engaging dialogue between the relationship between East and West, and the universal language of signs and symbols that is accessible to all and has been imprinted on to the universal collective consciousness.

22 February – 6 April 2013
Scream | 27 – 28 | Eastcastle Street | London | W1W 8DH |


Images by G. Schwendinger


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