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life gaps and space fillers


Yesterday I had a chat with a friend about jobs, life, and gaps. Well, I don´t know how that is handled in other countries, but in Germany and Austria people are still really concerned about having a “CV-gap”. It is dreaded by young and hopeful career makers and probably even more feared by their parents, who are of course concerned that their “child” falls out of the society net for good or maybe they are scared to tell their neighbours that their son or daughter is a little bit off the normal route. Always representing yourself in the perfect way, even if it´s sometimes just on the outside, is what seems to count most – not only concerning jobs – and to have a gap in your CV is still like being stigmatized as someone who is unstable, weak or not determined enough. Well, first of all, what´s so wrong with not always knowing what we want and maybe taking some time out to look for it? If you are lucky enough to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, be it about jobs or anything else in life, then of course you should go for it.  But don´t live your life being too scared of having some gaps in it so you can fit into the norm. I´d rather have a few gaps than tons of unhappy-making space fillers.

Thoughts by Sigrun Guggenberger
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