image by Mikey Lynch

What is beautiful?

image by Mikey Lynch


What is beautiful? Every time and society and culture has its own beauty standards, be it slim or big, tall or short, blonde or dark. Nowadays most people would say that there is no such thing as a norm anymore, as beauty is within the eye of the beholder. But taking a closer look onto this I noticed that many people are still rather obsessed by pointing a finger at someone else´s appearance, where they feel that they don´t fit the norm. Their own norm. Or the norm that had been dictacted in a very subtle way by the media. “Ugly, anorexic looking” and “Eat more burgers, girl” are easy words to type when one sits behind the safety net of the world wide web. It would be much harder to tell this to someone´s face. Besides that, there is a massive difference between a serious illness and someone being naturally thin, even with healthy and normal eating habits. I am quite surprised to experience this offensive, critical behaviour in a world that drips with tolerance and political correctness. But maybe some people mistake political correctness for just one way to be the correct way. Just one way of looking to be the right one. Of course we are always entitled to say our opinion, but besides being very careful not to offend and accuse somebody wrongfully – what is really normal, what is really healthy, what is really beautiful?

Thoughts by Sigrun Guggenberger

Image by Mikey Lynch
Model – Amelia Green

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Hello from Berlin, Germany. I love freedom, travelling, long train rides, Stefan Zweig books, cats, colours, writing postcards, Woody Allen movies. I listen to: if I like a song, it can be from anyone really…but I really like British artists such as Peter Doherty, The Kooks, Lilly Allen, Coldplay, etc.. makes me happy: having lots of time!