The Pigeon Detectives – Animal


Let´s enjoy some good indie-rock by “The Pigeon Detectives“. The talented guys from Leeds are a real live band: That’s where we cut our teeth, that’s where we’re most comfortable, that’s where we have the most fun. That’s where we made our name.” And yeah – they just completed their fourth album ‘We Met At Sea’ which should be released this Spring and dropped out a visual for the newest song “Animal”. Watch out!



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About Christine

Hello from Vienna, Austria! I love: nature, freedom, dancing, music, my family, reading, chilling, cats, sea and lots more. I listen to: oh too many different artists/bands. makes me happy: see i love. I spent most of my free time: with C-Heads and eating. 5 things I can´t live without: family, nature, music and healthy food.