Mari Hansen by Viktor Vauthier for C-Heads Paradise Issue #30 (2)

Mari Hansen by Viktor Vauthier for C-Heads Paradise Issue #30

“Sometimes Saturday” is the awesome  coverstory featuring  Mari Hansen at Premier shot by Viktor Vauthier for our C-Heads Paradise Issue #30. What a pleasure! Viktor is defintely one of our favourite photographers ever and we cant get enough of his unaffected and compelling  fashion imagery. The supercool styling done by London based Marina German, hair styling by Michael Jones and make up by Bea Sweet using Dermalogica and NailEase.


first image: dress Yang Du
this image: swimsuit We Are Handsome / hoody Beyond Retro

swimsuit We Are Handsome

jacket Malene Oddershede Bach

top Felder+Felder, cap Broken Fab


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