Yuky Lutz

Natalia by Yuky Lutz

“Freedom of Colors”  is a fresh and fancy editorial shot by Yuky Lutz, who is Barcelona and Zurich based Photographer & Filmmaker. Model Natalia @ TrendModels is so full of energy and this is really well emphasized by the funky, colourful styling done by Maria Isabel Elunku. Make Up & Hair was done by  Sylvia G and a special thanks needs to be said to Cool&Chic Hostel BCN. Fabulous!


“Freedom of Colors”
Photography: Yuky Lutz
www.yukylutz.com & www.facebook.com/yukysdiary
Model: Natalia @ TrendModels
Make Up & Hair: Sylvia G.
Stylist: Maria Isabel Elunku
Special Thnks: Cool&Chic Hostel BCN


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