A random encounter



Sometimes we meet people on random encounters who we spend just a few hours of hour lives with. For a walk through a city, during a train trip, for a small talk in a shop while waiting in the queue. When I was in New York it happened quite often to me, that I could start an interesting discussion over the smallest things with people I had just meet on the subway, bookshop or coffee places. It almost felt a bit like being in a movie, where usually unimpossing appearing situations suddenly became this sort of magical life encounters and you go on an unforgettable adventure together. At that time for the first time I strongly felt, that it was not the city that had made my stay over there, but the people I met, the stories I created with them. We all have our very own story, but we are also all connected to each other within this bigger story that we all write together. And even small and random encounters can be the overture to the most fantastic main part.

Thoughts by Sigrun Guggenberger
image by Luisa Santos

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About Sigrun

Hello from Berlin, Germany. I love freedom, travelling, long train rides, Stefan Zweig books, cats, colours, writing postcards, Woody Allen movies. I listen to: if I like a song, it can be from anyone really…but I really like British artists such as Peter Doherty, The Kooks, Lilly Allen, Coldplay, etc.. makes me happy: having lots of time!