Jeffrey Tang

“I love shooting film. Film has a nostalgic work flow that reminds you that not everything in life is governed by instant gratifications, some things mature beautifully with the right amount of patience.”  tells Jeffrey Tang. Where he’s right he’s right. So we are happy to show you his brand-new series called “Hometown” featuring model Kelsey Odenthal. The images convey an inner lightness and nostalgic feeling combining an edgy chic. “The economy of using film also forces me to become a better photographer, one who is adept at capturing that so-called ‘decisive moment. Because film developing can get expensive you cannot afford to blow 10 shots per second rapid fire raw+jpg like you can on a DSLR, but you can afford 2 amazing shots on film perfectly timed by bettering your skill, accuracy, and attention to details. I think film delivers a photograph that is also much closer to reality with minimal to no post-processing. By sending my film to be developed at a lab, that means considerably less time at home on the computer and more time out making good work.” Wonderful!


shoot: ‘Hometown’
model: Kelsey Odenthal
photographer: Jeffrey Tang

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