Vikky Ivie

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“Still point of a turning world” is a wonderful series inspired by “The Virgin Suicides” – a 1999 filmed drama about the growing up of five beautiful sisters. The work of photographer Vikky Ivie is always very special, a bit dreamy and a bit melancholic with lots of atmosphere. Featuring Caitie at Models 1, Emma at Elite and Jules at M+P -make up by Ivory Bella and assistance by Michaela Whyte and Jenna Roberts.


Photographer and Stylist : Vikky Ivie
MUA: Ivory Bella
Assistants: Michaela Whyte and Jenna Roberts
Models: Caitie @ Models 1, Emma @ Elite, Jules @ M+P
(With thanks to Audrey Grace Boutique)
art direction: Jaclyn Bethany

clothing: Sarah Bates / Heo Sohn / Joanne Doherty / Angela Brandys  / Audrey Grace Boutique
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About Christine

Hello from Vienna, Austria! I love: nature, freedom, dancing, music, my family, reading, chilling, cats, sea and lots more. I listen to: oh too many different artists/bands. makes me happy: see i love. I spent most of my free time: with C-Heads and eating. 5 things I can´t live without: family, nature, music and healthy food.