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Acclaimed appearances at the likes of Germany’s MELT! Festival and Austria‘s Electronic Beats Festival, number 4 in the Beatport Deep House charts with their debut EP “Dogs”, number 10 in the Top Live Acts of the Year and number 11 in the Best Singles of 2012 in DE:BUG‘s readers’ poll. Also Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab fell for their music and used it for the soundtrack of his collection video. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere and with only a handful of snippets available on their soundcloud, HVOB (short for Her Voice over Boys) are one of the names on the tips of music critic’s tongues in the last year and are rapidly gathering a decent sized fanbase – and quite rightly so. Their blend of extremely catchy house based bass lines, coupled with an expert ear for harmonies and Anna Müllers siren-like voice made the Vienna-based duo to one of the most exciting new acts out there. This was also noticed by Oliver Koletzki, who recruted them right away for his label „Stil vor Talent“. Vienna-born Anna Müller (composition, production, vocals) and Paul Wallner (composition and final production) now come along with their eagerly anticipated debut album „HVOB“ – a record you can really get your teeth into, containing little to no filler, but an abundance of warm organic beats, soft piano sounds and Anna Müllers voice over all.

No matter what, this duo has an extremely bright future ahead of it. Check out the interview with Anna Müller about their inspirations and aspirations.


It must have been quite a year for you! First of all, how are you and how is touring coming along?

We are absolutely happy about our first year – we travelled a lot, have played gigs in Berlin, Zurich, Paris and many other cities, have released 2 EPs and our debut album is just about to be released as well. Everything happened really fast and we are absolutely looking forward to all the upcoming events. In summer we will be on the road a lot, play at a few festivals, amongst others at the Popfest in Vienna, the Donaufestival in Krems, Springfestival in Graz, at the Sonne Mond und Sterne and the Phonopop in Germany. Several others are requested, so there is still a lot to come.

Can you tell us a little bit about how HVOB started out? Who did come up with the idea and the name for that project?

Paul Wallner and I have founded HVOB a year ago – we are a good team and complement each other perfectly. He is more the technical part, I am more the creative one. We have thought about creating a project together and play music for quite some time now. We have chosen „Her Voice over Boys“ as a name, because it describes the project in a really good way. Unfortunately it is still uncommon for woman to produce within the electronic scene; many DJs have guest singers for single tracks. In order to underline the fact we are different in that case, we have decided on this name.

Was there any particular moment over the last few months where you realized just how successful the project had become?

We got off to a good start, but not more than that for now. We are working hard to advance, but we are not getting deceived and we want the project to be able to grow in a healthy way.



You are composing, producing, and providing the vocals, while Paul is in charge for the fine-tuning of the tracks. What software/hardware do you like using to make your music? Can you talk us through the making of one of your tracks?

I am working with Logic at home and deliver the base frame for the songs. Most of the time I finish the beats first and then I lay over different sounds and melodies, at the end I add the voice and last of all the lyrics. In Paul´s studio we then arrange and produce the songs. The vocals I have all recorded at home as well though. Paul is responsible for the final fine tuning; he is a lot more focused on that score.

Composing, producing…how did you learn all that? In view of the fact that you actually don‘t come from the „electronic music scene“…was it kind of a learning by doing process?

Yes, I have simply started doing it. Paul showed me several things, but I was quickly well acquainted with the process. I know what I want and what sound I want to produce. It has taken a bit of time until I figured out what our sound should sound like. But when I was sure about it, everything happened really fast. I wrote and produced the album within two months.

Who do you consider an influence on your music?

Since my childhood music is a big and important part of my life. I even think it is the most important part. Everything that I have been listening to and loved since then merges into our music. Actually I come from the Indie music corner and have only discovered electronic music a few years ago. I know that I need to make music and I am thankful that everything is going so well right now.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given to you?

I think it is important to only create what you like yourself. Anything else doesn’t make sense and is not sustainable. Especially within the music business there are so many people that give you good advices and tell you what is good and bad. That is utter nonsense. There is no good or bad within music. Be uncompromising and do your own thing.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Ok, now that you are asking, Thom Yorke – but I know that this will never happen : ) I love Radiohead, Thom Yorke is a god. He really is, isn´t he?


Interview by Katja Schifferegger


The album “HVOB” will be released on March 8th via Stil vor Talent


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