Space Dimension Controller introduces Microsector-50


Belfast based producer Jack Hamill aka Space Dimension Controller is back with a new release after quite a long producer silence. The full length album titled ‘Welcome To Microsector-50’ has been released at the beginning of March 2013 on the legendary and one of our favourite labels, R&S records. However, after listening to this great music piece, it may occur to you as well – is the title ‘music album’ correct in that case?

Those of you who are at least a little familiar with Jack’s music, probably know that his sound is markedly different from others and he was able to create a personal world of sounds. Analogue beats soaked with funk and the atmosphere of Chicago house as well as music of the 80s – well, that’s Jack’s thing. But there is also one more thing that is so typical for him – passion for sci-fi stories. He spent some time with creating an own fiction, which has become a perfect base for his music and this album foremost. Writing and recording all the sounds and voices took Jack a lot of time, but the result is just awesome. It’s so different from everything within the current scene!



‘Welcome To Microsector-50’ could actually be described as something like sci-fi oddyssey. A narrative story accompanied by cybernetic sounding music. It’s an album where names of the tracks serve as chapters. The story pervading the album is Mr. 8040 (the time traveler and funk cadet) who just got back home after five years. While he is searching for his old love he comes across an old boss or experiences some drugs at nightclubs on the pirate colony EroDru-10… And then comes that moment “do I really listen to a music album or is it a story with music?”



Some might ask themselves now, why should you listen to all that talking, when you wanna hear music? Well, this is a special piece which requires special attention, that’s obvious. Welcome to Microsector-50 needs your fully attention. But in exchange for that, you will get an extraordinary experience :-)

PS: during one interview Jack mentioned that he would love to make a tour with full set, sci-fi costumes and involving the audience to that story… it might sounds strange, but strange in an awesome way, don’t you think?


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