A talk with Wang Wei



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“I use my camera to try to record the actual feeling of youth like myself, our passion, love and confusion about our life.”

And he does it so well! Wang Wei´s images capture all the moments and feelings that all of us will miss when we grow up. Or will remind us why we should never really grow up at all.

A good image has to?
For me a good picture should makes people think and remind them about something and touches their heart. Moreover, a good image will make u remember it even just by a single glance.

What do you really want people to know about you?
Understand my thoughts

What camera do you use?
leica mini-lux zoom

Do you think you were influenced by the current hype of analog images?
Do you refer to analog images as digital images? I´m not influenced by any digital image, I like the unique color a film presents. Every photo I got from film belongs to me, but every photo from digital belongs to the machine.

What do you want to capture in your images?
I always want to capture the youth, my friends. I use my camera to try to record the actual feeling of youth like myself, our passion, love and confusion about our life.

Your hopes, your dreams, your fears?
I hope I get to capture more pictures I like and share with others. My dream is to do whatever I like to do, and be the kind of person I admire. Loneliness is the things I’m afraid of.

The most important thing in life?

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