This is so stunning, that we fell in love with it straight away! And you will too. That beautiful fashion video was created for the Italian fashion label Bauxite and was shot in the home and heart of designer Francesca Giglio, Puglia. Where we just want to be now! Francesca always continues to explore trying to find her way back to her origins of fabrics, textiles and modelling. ” When you begin something, it always has to start from the ground. Your root . Where bauxite stone glitters between the fields. Where if you hear the echoes of “Pizzica”, traditional music from Puglia, you leave everything to follow the rhythm of the music. An imperfect land, red, that beat.”

“Bauxite creates handcrafted clothes, with precious materials – unique pieces for a woman that has a glance like a mysterious gipsy who has been adopted by the city. Despite this her desire to feel the sands in her hands it’s so hard that she is able to throw her heels into the sea. Bauxite is an imperfect stone, red, pulsing like a woman.”

We feel like throwing our shoes into the sand as well now and want to run into the ocean…
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Spring Summer Collection Capsule 2013
Directed by Fabio Petronilli
Model Serena Matrorosa
Blue Hawaii – Try to Be
Animal Collective – Leaf House
Colleen – Your Heart Is So Loud