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“Generally I am inspired by people that are genuine and sincere, I think that’s a major quality. People who shed all desires to be cool, they are themselves and smile, confidence is key.” Jesse Somera is the guy behind Mad Thirsty, an awesome site about images of real people and real moments. Openess, fun, silliness and beauty – all of it is there and you will never get enough of it. His images as well as his words spread so much liveliness, leaving you with the feeling of observing something that you have almost taken part yourself. The L.A. based photographer and video maker made us mad thirsty for more. 


Your images are very real, cool and raw and they make the viewer feel to be part of the situation. What is the most fascinating thing for you about capturing moments, about photography?

I think photography is one of the best hobbies ever, you get tangible images of your life that you can look at forever. Real moments w/ these real people, i have it all, it’s amazing…

It´s just so great already to read the headings for your different series on your website. Just to quote a few: “when you were young and on your own how did it feel to be alone?” / “i can’t help the way that i feel, but is it really so strange”. / “will you be my big plaything ? my ninja power, my number cruncher?” It makes the viewer really curious to see what images are hidden behind. It also seems like quotes from movies or songs, or they are written by you?

Okay to be honest you see a lot of changes from earlier posts to newer ones, due to me changing and maturing . The size of the fonts/images, the spacing, and the headlining quotes you speak of . But the truth is they were mostly lyrics to a song i was currently into at the time, sometimes they are a quote i heard from someone on that post, i tried to make them relevant, but most times they had no meaning to the posts :P

The way you write and the energy your pictures transmit, you seem like a really fun and open person, is that true that your images show a lot about your personality or you are more an observer of what is happening around you?

Both! I mean I am obviously observing, because I’m there and taking the photos, what you see thru the lens is what I’m looking at, but everyone in the shots is who I surround myself w/ . I am trying to show all my friends as the beautiful people they are, and trying to show myself as open, fun, and silly, so thank you for complimenting me on something I was going for :)

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Referring to one of the lines above, how do you feel about being alone? Or do you always need people and action going around you?

I live alone, I am alone most of the time . I watch a lot of movies and read a lot and waste time on the computer, is more like a highlight reel of 20% of my life, the other 80 is BORING !

What are the things, moments and people that inspire you the most?

Terrence Malick is probably my biggest inspiration. I think he is the best director and artist of my generation. I also really look up to Anton Corbijn. Generally I am inspired by people that are genuine and sincere, I think that’s a major quality. People who shed all desires to be cool, they are themselves and smile, confidence is key.

Situations you would never want to capture on images?

Taking pictures of my food and sunsets are rlly boring !

The most important thing in life for you right now is…

Trying to be happy and think positive . Trying to be more proactive :)

“the past is all that’s real, and you cannot change that” is another quote from your site. Any regrets on your side so far? Anything you would want to change if you could?

Of course, I am not one of those people that says things like, “yeah i have no regrets” I regret everything ! I regret not talking to that girl who was looking at me at the club on monday, or sitting around my house doing nothing for 3 hours this morning ! but I digress… I secretly do want to be one of those corny “no regrets” people… I’m working on it… slowly :P

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