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“The perfect image is the one that’s in my eyes and makes the heart go faster but goes away as fast as it came.” Irene de la Selva is a young and talented photographer from Spain who moved to Berlin some time ago. Her work is a beautiful mix  of cool compositions, unusual angles and a very own fresh charm. We talked with Irene about her influences and what she likes about Berlin.  And some good news  for our readers:  Soon we will show you an exclusive story done by her with model Eszter Magyar on C-Heads. Oh yes.


Where does your love for photography come from?

It comes from the need to satisfy the inner desires of the person I was and the one I want to be.

You moved from Madrid to Berlin. How are your experiences here – and what do you like about Berlin?

I move town or country as much as I can and I would do it more often if I could. I like to feel lost and float in the air of an old city. I like the winter smell of Berlin.

Don´t you miss Madrid sometimes?

Not really. I miss other cities much more.

Have the places you lived in influenced your photography?

Absolutely. The places, its light and the people I spent time with when I lived in there.

Usually I am not so much into technical questions, but in this case I´d like to know what camera you were using?

I have a couple. Nothing fancy. I like to shoot rolls and I hate big cameras. I’ve a Minolta form the 80’s that belonged to my mother and a Yashica.

What makes the perfect picture in your eyes?

The one I can hardly shoot. The one that’s in my eyes and makes the heart go faster but goes away as fast as it came.

How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before?

Sweet and sour.

The best life lesson so far?

Related to photography, patience and determination. Related to life, patience and determination.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Traveling, reading, working, kissing, drawing, and maybe in Paris.

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