Colorful Shirts, Hats and German Cats

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We are chuffed about showing this exclusive story on C-Heads shot by Silva+Cemin in  Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Guilherme Silva and Rodolfo Cemin are two photographers mixing together colorful and raw fashion creating wild youth culture. They teamed up with stylist Victoria Michaelsen and model Bolívar Gomes to take some pictures around downtown. “We ask Bolívar to choose his favorite clothes and shoes so we could make this more intimate. So, he changed his clothes in the middle of the street or inside that vintage shop and people were like “what the hell are they doing?”. A girl who we think was a little bit insane starred at us and said “do you all dress this way for real?”, we said a big YES and she kept standing there with nothing but a huge smile on her face.” 

“You know, we like to show the reality of our country and that’s why we love to show this trashy scenario. The epic moment was the one with that Kombi which stopped on the road, and we look to each other and said “why not?”. Funny. We were in front of a house and there were a lot of cats, like a billion and then an old lady came up talking (maybe) in german with the cats and we asked ourselves “what the hell is she saying”. We made a lot of questions that day.”  Sounds like a pretty crazy day, but we think it was all worth it! And as you know, we do have a huge crush on all sweet cats as well.

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Photography: Silva+Cemin
Facebook – www.facebook.com/silvapluscemin
Tumblr – silvapluscemin.tumblr.com
Official website – silvapluscemin.com

Styling: Victoria Michaelsen
Model: Bolívar Gomes
Location: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil