The marvelous book of Pieces of Berlin

image by Florian Reischauer

“It is true; Berlin has become downright annyoing. Sometimes one just cannot hear it anymore, all that ear-deafening chatter about its supposed awesome-and uniqueness.”

is how the intro starts in the “Pieces of Berlin” book by Florian Reischauer, the Austrian photographer who we have had already for an interview and also in our last issue. And yesterday we received this juwel in our post box. The book is a love letter to Berlin. A unique piece of moments, people, places that make this city a home to so many people. Wether you agree to the Berlin hype or not, you will love flicking through the pages, reading the stories of why people came here and observe a small fraction about their lives. And seeing familiar sights of places where you took some memories with you and left a piece of yourself. Highly recommended!



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