Tim by Jonas Huckstorf for C-Heads

“Across the field” is a great, exclusive C-Heads story shot by Jonas Huckstorf starring punchy and handsome model Tim Grupp with VIVA.


They headed over to the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, an old abandoned airport area that is open for the public and used for sports and barbecues, and found the perfect location.”Running over the former runways. Feels like freedom. Scream. Ready for take off. Across the fields.” sums up Jonas the feeling on the day of the shoot. Enjoy!


20150917_viva_timgrupp 13

20150917_viva_timgrupp 22

20150917_viva_timgrupp 49

20150917_viva_timgrupp 76

20150917_viva_timgrupp 89

20150917_viva_timgrupp 149

20150917_viva_timgrupp 173

20150917_viva_timgrupp 288

20150917_viva_timgrupp 307

20150917_viva_timgrupp 340

20150917_viva_timgrupp 356

Photographer: Jonas Huckstorf www.jonashuckstorf.com/ Instagram: @jonashuckstorf
Model: Tim Grupp at VIVA /Instagram: @timgrupp
styling credits: longsleeve tshirt DKNY, jeans G-STAR Raw, shoes G-STAR Raw,
sweatshirt Calvin Klein, underwear Calvin Klein, black trucker jacket Levis


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