Modern Woman: Caroline Roxy

The 21st century girl doesn’t pertain to any stereotype. She’s a chick of many talents, one moment she’s in Europe, the next she’s in Asia. She’s working on several artistic projects at once and killing at every single one. She’s a mix of races – picking up different cultures as she travels. She’s the mysterious girl at the party you want to know her life story who everyone has their eyes on. Here we have sat down and chatted for you.

Caroline Roxy is grew up in Borås, Sweden and recently moved to Los Angeles. She loved math in high school but was always interested in fashion design.  Forward a few years, she studied business and marketing in college.  She is now a globetrotter and works as a model, fashion designer, DJ and social influencer. She designed a few collections–the latest one for Jofama, a Swedish brand and has collaborated with several brands including Nike.  She loves to travel the world, discover new places, play and watch sports and dancing.

Photography by Lauren Engel
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Describe your childhood and upbringing, do you come from a creative family?
My childhood was good until just before I turned 18. My parents got divorced and they sold my horses and my sister died etc. I competed in horse show jumping almost every weekend and I also played the piano, sang and acted. My father is a pianist and my mom is good in sewing and painting so I guess there are some creative genes!

Describe your hometown. What is it like growing up there?
Borås is a city with about 100.000 residents, it’s quite close to Gothenburg though that is much bigger. It is a textile city so it’s very big in fashion.  It feels like you kind of know everyone and it rains all the time. But I’m happy I grew up there, it was safe and nice!

Is Caroline Roxy your original name?
Yes, Sara Caroline Roxy Eriksson

Describe a day in your life
Wow it’s hard because they’re all so different. It can be anything from traveling a whole day, modeling, shooting for a TV show or working with my fashion designs. Sometimes there are a lot of meetings and working from the computer. They’re all so different!

You said in previous interviews that your main inspiration for your fashion choices are music. Name 5 of your favourite songs.
Eminem – So bad
Drake – Legend
i – Kendrick Lamar
Bugatti – Ace Hood, Future,
Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj, beyonce

How did you transition to blogging fulltime after graduating from studying business and marketing?
I don’t really do only blogging full-time. I do fashion designing and modeling as well and design was included in my college so I guess it just happened.

You talked about it is difficult to watch the news, do you do some charity or community service work?
Yes I do charity work, I think it’s very important!

How did the Jofama collaboration come about?  Who else have you designed for?
I’ve designed 4 leather jacket collections for them, there are 3 released and one more coming up next spring. I’ve also designed 2 clothing lines for bubble room. It has been a real pleasure to design for those brands since they give me full responsibility of the designing.

What is your perception about real love?
I don’t know if I believe in it anymore. I’d love to do so. Because one part of me still believes that in can conquer all. But people are lazy these days, they don’t fight for and work on a relationship. People cheat on each other and lie to each other. I feel so sad while watching people all around hurting each other like that so I guess I’m a bit afraid letting someone is because I know myself and I know that I would give my all and that would hurt as hell if someone didn’t appreciate it.

You studied engineering in highschool, do you ever see yourself doing math/engineering work in the future?
I love math so I guess so. I would love to work with something that involves math but I want it to be difficult. What that would be I don’t really know yet. I’d like to combine it with medicin though.

How do you differentiate yourself from all the bloggers around the world?
I try to be me always. I may not write so much but even if you don’t notice I’m quite deep. My friends know that but maybe not my readers. I love to create. It doesn’t matter what I just love the process.

The moments you are lying in your bed.. which thoughts come up too you?
Oh man, I think all the time. All the time. Sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much. I think about everything. About life, humans, how we treat each other and how some people have so bad life situation. I have a hard time watching news because I feel so bad that I can’t help everyone. I think I like fashion and that creative world just to get my mind off that. I really wish that we could all live together, happy and caring.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully in a rooftop apartment in Soho, also having a house in Los Angeles and in between traveling the world working with acting and fashion. With a hot caring husband and starting to think about a mini-Roxy, haha!

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