Les Enfants Terribles. Rose and Vassili by William Arcand-Desgagné for C-Heads

Les Enfants Terribles. Inspired by modern architecture & the 60’s Montreal based photographer William Arcand-Desgagné created a story gifted with a sense of beauty. In front of the camera of the 19-year-old talented artist, actors & models Rose Marie & Vassili Schneider of Folio Montreal win us over with a harmonious aesthetics. Makeup & hair done by Ashley Diabo of Teamm and styling done by Camille Internoscia. Photo Assistance by Mathilde Fusaro. Special mentions to Lost&found, Hektor, White Walls, Annexe Vintage, Alain Alssedo Opticien and Markantoine.


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Photographer : William Arcand-Desgagné | @williamarcandd | www.williamarcand.com
Models : Rose Marie | @_lolitarose | @foliomontreal / Vassili Schneider | @vassili.schneider | @foliomontreal | @facesmgmt
Makeup & Hair : Ashley Diabo | @ashleydiabo | @teamm_mgmt
Stylist : Camille Internoscia | @camibabyinter
Photo Assistant : Mathilde Fusaro | @tildablues