Exploring society and pop culture through art by Jess Cochrane

Sydney based Jess Cochrane is an up and coming visual artist exploring the relationship between society and pop culture. She finds girls that are confident within their own skin, photographs them and then paints over the top of the large scale printed photographs to illustrate visually a different take on fashion photography.

Wild colors and structures over partly perfect pictures. Contradictory and yet cohesive. Reinterpretation. New creations. Development. She is not concerned with answers, but with questions that arise. “I am heavily focused on contradictory aspects surrounding beauty and feminine standards which is achieved through painterly application over photographic images.” Photography by Alexander Tull


Tell us a bit about yourself and where you grew up…

My name is Jess Cochrane. I grew up in Canberra, Australia. I have a really cute dog.

Your main purpose of doing art is…

To connect with others and to practice self love and acceptance.



Your work heavily features the relationship between society and pop culture. Have you always been interested in these themes?

Yes. But I think unknowingly for a long time. They’ve just always been an intrinsic part of my life and it wasn’t until I started to build my practice through studies that I recognised it as an integral part of my work.



Do you think that your art is a possibility that people question their beauty standards?

It is made to intentionally create a space where people can question beauty standards and start a more inclusive conversation about it.

What do you like most about yourself?

I try to just like myself as a whole rather than only like certain things these days.



What is your favourite music to listen to while painting?

Hip Hop, RnB.

How much time are you spending on social media?

A lot. I am running a business through it so I treat is as a job.

Are you a good listener?




Favorite food…

All the food.

Favorite book…

There are heaps. I’m currently reading The Descent Of Man by Grayson Perry.



Favorite place to be…

In the ocean or in the studio surrounded by my plants.

Where do you see yourself in the future?


Any last words?

No need for last words I’m not going anywhere.


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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/217129763

Model/Artist: Jess Cochrane – @jesscochranepaints_ -jesscochrane.com
Photography by Alexander Tull – @alexandertull