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Leaving my old self at home

I made time speed up as much as I could. Throwing myself into these countless events, meeting strangers I would never speak to again, and staying up at night editing videos. Time did speed up. I lost myself in the mess. Every night before I went to sleep dreaming of finally living in the same city as my lover after three years of long distance. It would be the last year I would live with my entire family. My brother was home during his summer break and I knew that I would never move back to Hong Kong and my parents wouldn’t want to move to the States. It’s an interesting thought–to savor every moment but want time so go as fast as possible towards your passion. But finally I am here in LA, the ironic city of dreams where everyone is in exactly the same boat as you. Finding my ground as I did every few years from moving around a lot.  The time has come for me to put all my plans and dreams into action.  Keeping my fragile self at home and putting myself out there building a thick skin. Starting off fresh again.

Photography by Alex Castro Moore

Words and model: Lauren Engel