C-Heads Print
An ode to summer’s end

The photographic universe of Arnaud Ele  meet the eye of the visual artist Laura Knoops. This photo-series marks the beginning of their collaboration. A fusion through photography. Every summer has a story to print. A constant warmth, riding through magical landscapes made of nature and bare skin, including fragments of Fanny Paldacci’s art piece “at the Tip of the Swell”. Between France and Switzerland, the two artists bring you back to the summer solstice.



Born in Cameroon and established in Switzerland for more than ten years, Arnaud Ele studied film and movie-making in Geneva. Photographer and videographer, Arnaud calls us to the journey. Snapshots, cinematographic photos, natural light, a sense of freedom … all inviting to live the present moment, a human reality of which everyone is part, without artifice. His work in the vintage spirit seems timeless, navigating between analog and digital.

His travels and various collaborations with international brands, artists and magazines allowed him to develop an original, vintage and authentic style. Between landscapes, portraits and still lifes, in the soft colors of analog and with a natural grain, its shots provide a feeling of sincerity and harmony and represent the moment with veracity.


Born in France, from Belgian and Swiss parents, Laura is a Berlin-based designer at the crossroads between digital and print graphics. She landed in Berlin about five years ago to begin her professional journey as a graphic designer and art director. She has pushed her knowledge further as a freelancer and is now catering to the needs of clients from all over Europe and beyond, including Germany, France, Switzerland, UK and China.

Collaboration is central in her work ; sometimes going as far as to explore a wide variety of communication media. Her interventions deal both with print and digital. In parallel with her work, she collaborates with others – graphic designers, artists, musicians and composers – which allows her to build a profile that purposefully mixes disciplines (graphic design, textile, live video).


Photographers: ARNAUD ELE (@lostmyspirit_) & LAURA KNOOPS (@knoops)