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Song Premiere: Madison – “Hustle”

Madison’s “Hustle” is definitely a pop tune – infectious melodies, punchy rhythms, and a load of synth – but something about it feels kinda rock n’ roll. It’s just got that grit you hardly hear in pop music nowadays. It even shows on her previous EP, “Wonderland,” the pop singer has a knack for hard synth pop – very much so in the vein of early Kesha or Gaga. You could call it a reach back to 2009 if you want, but music works in cycles, and it would probably be a much safer bet to assume it’s a reach forward to 2019. Check out the C-Heads exclusive first listen below.

Words by Andy Gorel
Cover Photo by Keziban Barry

“Often I feel against the clock, not trying to be better than anyone, just trying to be the best version of myself. I thought about my own experiences as a woman and being ambitious. And how as women we hear the word ‘NO’ A LOT. This song is for Hillary. And all the women stepping up. This song is for every girl who has been told NO. Let me be your light, there is always a way forward. We are equal and have fought long and hard to be considered so, and still have a ways to go – ‘girl’ is a label, and NO is just a word.”

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