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Dreaming away with Nina Miljkovic

Jelena Gloria Milovanovic  is originally from Belgrade, but she spent many years of her youth as a student in Italy. “I love to say the world is my home. Traveling in my times as a student was very important for my art. I breathed in a lot of different cultures, and that´s what also defines me in my art. I think that every picture that I capture is inspired by some emotion that I lived or something that I saw or read.”

“After many years of traveling, I finally decided to come home and today I see my home as a different place.” she continues. “Belgrade is becoming kind of a new underground cultural center and it offers so much to me as an artist  at the moment.”

In her newest editorial “B A C K T O S C H O O L” she teamed up with lovely new face Nina Miljkovic of Demons Model Management.

“This was Nina´s first shooting. But she surprised the full team with her total pro attitude. Her unintentional beauty definitely brings some special feeling in this pictures. Nina is performing as dreamy hippie teenager that doesn´t want to go back to school. She falls asleep in a restaurant on the table while she is listening to psychedelic rock music (Tame Impala – The less I know the better). She is dreaming of sitting in the school chair surrounded with the sky, and bored in the middle of nowhere.” Make up done by Snezana Karovic.


Art Director & photographer : Jelena Gloria Milovanovic  – www.instagram.com/jelena_gloria
styled by : Jelena Gloria Milovanovic  @jelena_gloria
make up : Snezana Karovic  @snezanakaroviccoric
Demons Model Management  @demons_model_management
model : Nina Miljkovic  @m_ninaaaa