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Backflash to the 90´s

Presumably, every generation feels the same concerning one topic. One always nostalgically remembers the time of his youth. Romantic, maybe transfigured. But forever in the heart. “In the 90’s, I had more VHS tapes than worries. I felt like I was Macaulay Culkin and my best friends were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey & Leonardo DiCaprio.” photographer Jake Elvis Foden laughs while taking about his newest series starring Model Chloe Bell.  Growing up in the 90´s the Manchester based artist´s youth was all about colorful clothes, best music and great movies. “Life was simple, care free, and everyday there was something new. I think these images in a small way are recreating that.”

Photographer: Jake Elvis Foden www.jakeelvisfoden.com // @jakeelvisfoden_
Model: Chloe Bell @chloesbell