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“Pictures on my Wall”

“I’ve developed social anxiety as I grew up, and photography has definitely been the catalyst towards the cure. Getting to meet different people, to know their story, their life and their character; capturing that essence, is what inspires me for my pictures.” We already introduced you to Shibbi Yee a while ago and we are happy to showcase new work featuring gorgeous Melanie Jarnson. Picking up the camera when he turned 21, he quickly developed his own style. This shooting took place in his own room/studio, which impresses with a bunch of photos on the walls. “I love Melanie´s beauty and playful personality.” Shibbi tells. “And yeah she is another girl I’ve met who hates wearing bras.” he laughs. “Effortlessly elegant, she embraces her quirky persona without compromising her youthful energy.”


Model: Melanie 
Photographer: Shibbi