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La Découverte

La Découverte

“The concept of this editorial comes from a formulated reflection on how fashion designers and famous brands reacted to the numerous facts of violences and sexual harassments in the world of show business. Many had defined the last collections introduced belonging to a post-Weinstein fashion, where the woman proposed is strong, powerful and emancipated, but yet she has found her body mostly covered in order to be protected.

Reflecting on this we have come to a well different conclusion, never as in this moment the body of a woman must be celebrated and not hidden, our intent through this editorial is really to celebrate in refined and intimate way the beauties of the female body in order to exalt the intrinsic sensuality that it emits.

The editorial has an  introspective imprint: it tells of a woman that by undressing herself she rediscoveres the beauties of her body.”


Photographer: Nicholas Falso – www.instagram.com/nicholas.fols
Art Direction & Styling: Deborah La Guardia & Lorenzo Garzelli
Model: Serena L. Ihnatiuc //Nur Model Management
Make Up & Hairstyle: Romina Scaletta – www.instagram.com/sclromina
Photography Assistant: Silver Siermond – www.instagram.com/silversiermond
Location: Albergo Diffuso “Sotto Le Stelle” – Picinisco (FR)


Nightgown: Think & Believe

Nightgown: Think & Believe , Bra: Intimissimi
Underwear: Coup de 

Coat: Francesco Caravaggio, Jumpsuit: Coup de Theatre

Trousers: Francesco Caravaggio

Jacket: Think & Believe, Underwear: La Perla

Dress : Coupde Theatre