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Song Premiere: Yoshi Flower – “Woke”

Two guitar-slinging redheaded solo artists walk into a bar..

One is Ed Sheeran, and the other is Josh Smith – or as the cool kids call him, Yoshi Flower. The Los Angeles songwriter and producer has been buzzing hard lately. Formerly of the Detroit based duo Gosh Pith, he’s recently just wrapped up a North American tour supporting his roommate – electro-pop mastermind, Elohim. Blending hip-hop and alternative rock, his moody new single “Woke” is perhaps his biggest genre-bender yet. Employing trap drum samples, thick guitar leads, and a smooth pop vocal performance, Yoshi claims “Woke” is his “ode to unconditional love.”

Words by Andy Gorel
Photography by Dylan Coughran and Chase O’Black


“This is my ode to unconditional love.”


“This is my ode to unconditional love. It’s not ‘I love you if you love me,’ it’s ‘I love you for no reason.’ And at that I’m never stopping, and I find great power in that…maybe the greatest power of all.”

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