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“my wife, my muse.” A series by Christopher Taber

We are catching a first look on some of the portrait work of Christopher Taber´s upcoming exhibition next month in June, “my wife, my muse”, where the Hong Kong based photographer and artist documented the love of his life trough his eyes and lens.

“My wife is my muse. Viola brings me immeasurable joy with her authenticity, honesty and individuality. She has always allowed me to photograph her in any way I want– which really is a vulnerable thing. I don’t stage photos, I always have my camera and I’m only interested in photographs that I think capture her genuinely. Every moment with her is a privilege. She is a treasure and I couldn’t ever live without her. These portraits are a selection from 3 years and hundreds of rolls of film. Treks through the Himalayas and Philippines, motorcycle rides through the jungles of Bali and Thailand, on the streets of Tokyo & Hong Kong and the privacy of our home together.”