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Sam Evian – “Where Did You Go”

Well, that will make you feel deep warm all over when listening to the newest fantastic release “Where Did You Go” by New York-based musician, songwriter, and producer Sam Owen alias Sam Evian out of his EP “This is You, Forever”.

“This is You, Forever,” he says. “It’s about accepting that you are responsible for you, that you’re in charge of your actions. Everything you do affects others and yourself, so, no matter what you choose to do, be there and learn from it.”

“Just like most people, my recording studio day job had me staring at a computer eight hours a day,” he continues. “I just needed to get away from the glowing rectangle. The only way to do that was to work on tape. The four-track is so limiting; you’re forced to get only the bones of the song down. You can’t do any overdubs, so it was fun to work on that with the experience of the live band behind me. And something about playing my family’s instruments in the garage where I grew up spurred a set of songs that became the new record.”


Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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