Bizarre, The Freedom Lived, Surrounded By Oppressive Walls. Saved Time, Dissolving At The End. Dark Shadows, Infolding Like A Cover Each Smiling Face. To Distance Oneself From The Same. To Build Up, What Will Never Last. Soothing Our Fear With Empty Words. We Show And Hide, We Fear And Prove, We Care, Yet Selfish. We Do Know All, Yet Understanding Nothing, About The Realness. Thus At The End The Mystery Of Life And Mankind, Will All Along Remain Bizarre.

This magazine is full of ♥ beautiful photography, style & fashion by

Andrew Babarczy, Ana Gregorič, Barbara í Gongini, Benny Nero, Christopher Klettermayer, Elena Maschke, Emily May Gunawan, Erin Elizabeth Kelly, Faye Sampson, Ira Chernova, Jessica Joslin, Laura Cammarata, Marko Mestrovic, Mario Moralex, Ou Zhihang, Paul Kwiatkowski, Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti, Stephane Roy, Suchart Wannaset, Tamara Arne, Tamas Olajos, Vladimir Kush, Your Hand In Mine and Yuji Watanabe

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