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You and Me

This shooting day was something special. Beatrice and Alberto celebrate their very first anniversary. They both still know exactly how they got to know each other. One does not forget such a day, right?

The light flows gently into the rooms. The studio is located in Via Margutta, in the same street Audrey Hepburn stayed in the movie Roman Holiday. There is love in the air. As enchanting as in every beginning dwells a magic force.

“Kissed by the sun in a warm afternoon of July and surrounded by paintings and sculptures, they became the young love, became the main characters of my story.” explains photographer Guen Fiore. “It was so intense. I collaborated with the talented and dynamic stylist Karolina Gendek, who gave colors to every scenes.”


Photography and Concept: Guen Fiore www.guenfiore.org – @guenfiore
Styling: Karolina Gendek @kgd_stylist
Models: Beatrice Puccilli @beatrissans and Alberto Poccioni @albepoccio_9