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The Majority Says releases new video”Run Alone” + raffle of 1 x EP/Vinyl EP + cinema tickets

TheMajoritySays_3 (1)Photo: Samuel Westergren / www.wepix.se

 “And I keep on running. I run alone….” Catchy tune, wonderful wintery video – the Swedish band The Majority Says have just released their new visual treat for the eyes. And we can´t stop singing it. It has also been chosen as part of the soundtrack for the latest movie from and with Matthias Schweighöfer – Vaterfreuden. We raffle 1 x 2 cinema tickets to go and see it (Germany only!), and in addition 1 x EP/Vinyl EP. Send us an email to contact@c-heads.com until Wednesday, 12th of February where this ends automatically. The winners will be notified via mail. And now we keep on running. Alone.


tour dates:
16 February – Gebäude 9/Köln
17 February – Uebel & Gefährlich/Hamburg
18 February – Bi Nuu/Berlin
19 February – Ampere/Munich
20 February – Zoom/Frankfurt

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