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Dana Williams Drops Debut EP

BEN24536smallimage by Joshua Shultz 

“Music means love to me, because it’s what makes me happy. Once you find your passion it is important to stick with it so as not to hinder your growth as a human being…” told us Dana Williams a while ago. Meanwhile lots of stuff has happened and the girl is on the road of success and finally releases her debut EP “The Lonely One”. Wonderful lightful songs which enable a glimpse into other times and her wonderful timeless voice enchants and creates a cozy atmosphere. “My EP is mainly a lament for love. I am sort of a hopeless romantic so it is about me, finding my way through the world as a young woman experiencing love and loss and the complicated intricacies of human relationships. Nothing is more precious once it’s gone. With all of that said, it is also about finding peace within yourself. I think the song ‘Heart’s Your Home’ states it most clearly, given the title. This song is not only about the loss of a love but also about remembering that your ‘heart is your home’ and so, the power to be happy lies within yourself.” she tells us. Asking on the thougts and idea behind the title “The Lonely One” she says: “It´s the final track on the EP. The song literally is about being left alone, but as a whole, I believe it is about life and how every person goes about one’s day, never entirely alone physically but alone in one’s head. No two persons needs are exactly the same and because of this, we are all alone and together.” Some true words. Go and listen to her stuff on soundcloud and the entire EP is available on itunes.

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